Does Atomic Wallet have social media presence?

Warning: Never enter your 12-word backup phrase on any websites and never share it with anyone. You may risk losing your money otherwise! For more details, see How do I keep my wallet safe?.



@AtomicWallet, our official chat
@AtomicWalletNews, our news channel

You can ask any questions you may have in our Telegram chat and follow our news channel for app updates. Be careful, though, as the platform’s anonymous nature makes it especially hard to track scammers down.

Our legitimate Telegram admins:

  • will never send you a message first, and
  • will have an "admin" label next to their name in the chat.

Ask your question in the chat, wait for them to reply, and ignore everyone who's DMing you pretending to be our support agent.


@AtomicWallet, our official account

Follow us on Twitter for app updates, giveaway announcements, and more. You can also DM our account with any questions or issues you may have.

Here's the key thing to remember: stay in the replies and avoid direct messaging. Don't DM anyone but our official account linked above, don't fill out any forms, and ignore everyone who's DMing you. For more details about how to stay safe, see How do I keep my wallet safe?.


AtomicWallet, our official page

You can DM our official Facebook account linked above if you have any questions or issues. Beware of impersonators! Don't fill out any Google Forms, don't DM anyone offering any help, and ignore everyone who's DMing you. For a detailed guide on common Facebook crypto scams, see How do I keep my wallet safe?.


r/atomicwallet, our official subreddit

Our subreddit is a forum for discussing all things crypto. Here are some things we recommend you remember before venturing into our community:

  • Avoid direct messaging. It's always best to discuss everything in public — this way, you'll receive a great variety of perspectives and tips. The real members of our team will never DM you first, and anyone who does is an impersonator who's after stealing your crypto.
  • Look for the flair. The real members of our team have an
    Atomic Wallet Reddit Mod

    flair next to their nicknames in the comments section. 

  • Don't fill out any Google forms or interact with any wallets claiming to be the web version of Atomic. These are scams. Keep in mind that anyone who knows your 12-word backup phrase can manage your wallet just as you do. For more examples of common Reddit scams, see How do I keep my wallet safe?.


Warning: We have no Instagram presence! Anyone pretending to be a member of our support team on Instagram is a scammer.

Where to post your review of Atomic Wallet

If you want to leave us a review, you can post do it on our official Trustpilot page. We greatly appreciate any honest feedback and will usually reply within a day. 

You can also rate our mobile apps on Google Play or App Store.

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