How do I adjust gas limit/gas price?

It is now possible to adjust Gas limit and Gas price for ETH and all ERC20 ETH tokens in Atomic Wallet. You can set the fee manually.

The total transaction fee is Gas limit*Gas price.

Gas limit – is the total amount of units of gas you are willing to spend on the transaction. This limit is predefined in the network and depends on the contract you are sending funds to, for example. 

Note: We don’t recommend to lower the gas limit. All unused gas will return to your address. Adjusting gas limit is only useful if you are sending to a heavy smart contract. You can set the gas limit higher in this case. The default gas limit is 21,000.

Gas price – this is the price you are willing to pay for each unit of gas. You can set the price higher or lower and this will affect how fast your transaction will be executed. The higher the price – the faster the transactions. 

Now let’s see how to adjust the Gas in Atomic Wallet. 

  1. Open the wallet and click ETH.

  2. Then click Send.

  3. Enter the address and amount to send and then click Set fee.

  4. Move the cursor to adjust Gas limit and Gas price. Then click Send.

  5. Enter your password and click Confirm.

  6. Success!

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