How do I adjust gas limit/gas price?

It is now possible to set a custom fee for any and all  EVM-like assets in Atomic Wallet. 


Basic options

If you don't want to concern yourself with manual setting of Gas limit and Gas price and you really don't have time to figure out what those terms mean, the basic settings will do just fine! When choosing the fee, you will be presented with 3 options. Each will display how much money you will have to spend on the transaction and how much time it's going to take. The 3 options you have are: 

  1. Slow. This one will cost the least but will take the longest time to process. Don't abuse this option, since it's hard to predict how long it's going to take.Only use this option if you are really cannot afford to spend extra. 
  2. Standard. The middle ground. You will have to spend a little more, but the transaction will go considerably faster. A perfect choice if you have some extra crypto and need the transaction done within minutes. 
  3. Fast. The most expensive option. The transaction will go through almost immediately. 
Note: Atomic Wallet doesn't charge you for these transactions. The fees are paid to the miners by the blockchain itself. A transaction with the highest fee will always take priority for the miners. 

Where do I pick a basic option?

We are going to use ETH as an example, but you can use this feature with any  EVM-like networks' tokens and coins in Atomic Wallet. 

  1. Click on ETH in your wallet and click Send
  2. Press Set fee button and you can now pick a basic option right below it. Pick an option and click Send
  3. That's it! You've successfully sent out your funds. 

  1. Click on ETH in your wallet and click Send
  2. Press Set fee button 
  3. You can now pick a basic option and click Save 
  4. You can now send out your funds with a selected fee 

Advanced options

Advanced options allow for more fine tuning of each aspect of a network fee - Gas limit and Gas price. This option will work for you if you are sending funds to a particularly heavy smart contract or the blockchain is heavily overloaded. 

Gas limit and Gas price

Gas limit – is the total amount of units of gas you are willing to spend on the transaction. This limit is predefined in the network and depends on the contract you are sending funds to, for example. 

Note: We don’t recommend to lower the gas limit. All unused gas will return to your address. Adjusting gas limit is only useful if you are sending to a heavy smart contract. You can set the gas limit higher in this case. The default gas limit is 21,000.

Gas price – this is the price you are willing to pay for each unit of gas. You can set the price higher or lower and this will affect how fast your transaction will be executed. The higher the price – the faster the transactions. 

How do I use advanced fee settings in Atomic Wallet?

  1. Click on ETH in your wallet and click Send
  2. Click on the Set fee button and click Advanced options
  3. You can now manually set the Gas price and Gas fee right below the Set fee button.

  1. Click on ETH in your wallet and click Send
  2. Press Set fee button 
  3. Pick Advanced and manually type the Gas fee and Gas price. Tap Save

  4. You can now send out your funds with a fee of your choice. 

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