I’ve sent BCH to BTC (and vice versa)

You may get confused by all of these Bitcoin forks and the same addresses for different coins. If you sent BCH/BSV to your BTC address or you sent your BTC to a BCH/BSV address, your funds won't land correctly, but they are not lost.

For example, you sent your BCH to a BTC address, that will make BCH land at the same-as-BTC-looking address on the BCH blockchain. It is because every BTC address has the same alias in the BCH network. To access your coins you need to access that address. 

There are different scenarios depending on what your situation is. 

I sent BCH/BSV to a BTC address

  • Within Atomic wallet 

    If you have sent BCH/BSV to a BTC Atomic Wallet address, you will need to import your BTC private key to the BCH/BSV wallet. It is possible because Atomic Wallet gives you full control over your keys. 
  1. First of all, you need to make sure that that is the case. Copy your Atomic Wallet BTC address and search it in the BCH or BSV explorers. You should see your BCH/BSV sitting on this address.
  2. Find your BTC private key in Atomic Wallet. Open the wallet. Go to Settings and then Private Keys. Enter your password and search for BTC. Copy the private key. 
  3. Find BCH/BSV wallet. We will use ElectronCash as an example. Download the wallet.
  4. When installing the wallet, choose Import BCH addresses or private keys.
  5. Then paste your BTC address from Atomic Wallet.
  6. Then you should be able to see your BCH which were sent to BTC address.
  • From Atomic Wallet (or another place) to another service. For Example, Coinbase. 

    If it happened that you have sent BCH/BSV from Atomic Wallet to a BTC address of another service (exchange/wallet), the only way to retrieve your funds would be contacting the service you have sent your coins to. If it is another wallet that gives you access to your private keys, you would be able to make the same procedure as written above for the Atomic Wallet. If it is a centralized exchange, you have to contact them directly describing your case. 

I sent BTC to a BCH/BSV address

  • Within Atomic Wallet

  1. First of all, you need to check if that is the case. Search your BCH/BSV Atomic Wallet address in the BTC block explorer. You should be able to see your coins sitting in that address.
  2. Find your BCH/BSV private keys in Atomic Wallet. Open the wallet. Click on the Settings. Then find Private keys and enter your password. Search for BSV or BCH and copy the private key.
  3. Then you will need to find a BTC wallet, enabling a key import. For example, btc.com,
  4. After creating the BTC wallet. You will need to click on Settings. Then Wallets&Adresses.
  5. Then Click on Import Bitcoin Address. And Existing address generated outside this wallet.
  6. Then paste your BCH/BSV private key from Atomic Wallet.
  7. Then you should be able to retrieve your BTC sitting on the BCH/BSV blockchain.
  • From Atomic Wallet to another service.
    If you happen to send your BTC from Atomic Wallet to the BCH/BSV address on the other service (exchange/wallet), you will need to contact this service directly. Since funds are no longer in Atomic Wallet, we are not able to assist you on recovering them. 

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