Legacy address for BCH/BSV

Bitcoin Cash has changed the format of the address from Legacy address to Cash address, also known as q. This was made to prevent misuse of the addresses. It should help the users to distinguish BCH from BTC addresses. It is also true for the BSV address, as it is a BCH fork. 

In Atomic Wallet, we use a new Cash (q) format of the address, but not all of the exchanges and wallets caught-up with a new address. Some of the services, such as Kraken, may require you to use an old Legacy format of the address. 

What that means is that you won’t be able to send from Kraken to Atomic Wallet BCH/BSV addresses. The address will be shown as invalid. In that case, you need to convert your BCH/BSV address to a Legacy format.

Here is what you need to do:

  • To convert q-address of BCH/BSV you can use an external service such as this one here.
  1. Copy your BCH/BSV address from Atomic Wallet. You just need to press on the address to copy it. 
  2. Open address converter and past your address. 
  3. You will then see two formats of the address. CashAddr – is the one used in Atomic Wallet. Legacy – is an old format used by some of the other services. Copy your Legacy address and use to send to Atomic Wallet.Note: your funds will be safely deposited to your address, no matter which format you use – they are equal. However, we recommend double-checking if you converted your address correctly.

  • You can also just past your Atomic Wallet BCH/BSV address on the block explorer, which shows the old format of the address. 

  • Some of the exchanges can also accept q-address if written like this:
Example: bitcoincash:qp2yys3ctd8kvjhs0z9xz47wh09a4nxf5qgln07r8g

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