What is the fee to buy cryptocurrencies?

All buying cryptocurrencies purchases are performed through our partner Simplex

The fees charged for fiat-to-crypto purchases comprise 2 parts.

  • Atomic Wallet charges a flat 5% fee, with a minimum of $10 per operation. 
  • Your card's issuing bank charges a processing fee whose exact size depends on the bank's policies. This fee can be quite high (around ~ 5%) as buying crypto purchases is seen as a high-risk operation. Banks charge the fee to cover fraud and charge-back risks. 

Important: you will also pay the network fee to include your transaction on the blockchain. This network fee is paid to miners. The network fee is paid as for any other crypto transaction. 

All of the fees that will be charged are presented within the wallet. The estimated amount you will receive includes the total of all the fees. 

Before making a purchase you see the amount of cryptocurrency that you will get (including all the fees). It is displayed within the wallet in the 'Buy Crypto' section. Considering making a purchase, you can compare rates, check the USD value, or make any other actions to be sure of your decision to buy. 

Note: from the time you were presented with an estimated amount to the time when Simplex is performing the converting, market rates can change. If your estimated amount and the final amount to receive varies by more than 2,5%, Simplex will notify you via email. You will have a choice to accept/decline the purchase within 24 hours. 

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