Something is wrong with my crypto purchase


Where to find your Payment ID
How to check the status of your purchase
How to contact our support team

Where to find your Payment ID

  1. Pick Buy crypto on the left sidebar and switch to the Order History tab.
  2. You'll see a list of all purchases you've ever attempted, including the failed ones. Browse through the list. Once you find the transaction you have any questions about, click on it.

How to check the status of your transaction

  1. Click on your Payment ID to get it copied to your clipboard. 
  2. Go to Simplex's website and paste your Payment ID into the box.
  3. You should now see your payment details. If an error message saying "Sorry, we couldn't locate your transaction <...>" pops up instead, reach out to us via the support form here.

    - If you see your payment as "Cancelled", it must have been either left mid-way or declined by the issuer (that is, your bank). For example, if you close the app before your payment can be processed, it will get automatically canceled. We'd recommend contacting your bank and ask whether they have any policies on declining crypto purchases. Some still do, so it's better to make sure.

    - If your payment has been declined for unspecified reasons, we won't be able to give any commentary on this. Our partners over at Simplex have an explicit policy of not disclosing such information.

    - If you see your payment as "Completed" yet your balance still amounts to zero, please send a message to our support team.

How to contact our support team

You can always reach out to us in case you have any questions left about your purchase. 

  1. Hit the Contact Atomic Support about this swap button. This will open your default e-mail client and create a pre-written message containing all the details about your purchase.
    If there're any extra details you'd like to share, please do so. For example, if you've already contacted your bank, let us know. Otherwise, just send the letter and wait for our team to reply. Thanks for your patience!

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