I am getting Pair is inactive error

When you are trying to make an exchange, you may get the error message Pair is inactive.

The reason for that is that the coin’s pair you are trying to exchange is currently not available at our exchange partners ChangeNow or Changelly.

What you can do?

You can wait for a couple of days and try again. Usually, currency maintenance doesn’t last long, unless it is a complicated issue.

You can also contact our team directly via email ( support@atomicwallet.io) or live chat available on our website. Please specify the coin pair you are trying to exchange. We’ll do our best to provide you with actual information.

Check ChangeNow portal to get information about the issue. Our contact their support directly asking when a pair will be available again https://support.changenow.io/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Need some help? Contact us at support@atomicwallet.io. We provide quick and friendly support 24/7.

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