How to generate your crypto tax forms with CoinLedger

Atomic Wallet and CoinLedger have partnered up to make it simple to calculate and report your crypto taxes.


How do crypto taxes work?

In most countries around the world, crypto is considered a form of property. When you generate income from selling or earning crypto, that income is subject to tax based on your personal income tax rate.

Capital Gains

When you sell or otherwise dispose of your crypto, you incur a capital gain or loss based on how the price of your crypto has fluctuated since you originally acquired it. 

Ordinary Income

When you earn crypto, whether that’s from staking, mining, or a job, you incur income taxes based on the fair market value of the crypto at the time it was earned.

For deeper analysis of how crypto taxes work in your jurisdiction, you can reference these crypto tax guides

How to use CoinLedger to automate your crypto tax reporting

CoinLedger is a leading cryptocurrency tax software company that has partnered with Atomic Wallet to facilitate simpler tax calculations and reporting. You can follow the below steps to automatically generate your gains, losses, and income tax forms from your crypto transactions.

1. Create a free CoinLedger account

2. Add Atomic Wallet along with all other exchanges you use

3. Import your historical transactions by entering your wallet address

4. Generate your tax reports with 1 click

CoinLedger + Atomic Wallet

As a result of this partnership, all Atomic Wallet users are eligible for 10% off any paid CoinLedger plan with code ATOMIC at checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use CoinLedger to calculate my taxes?

CoinLedger is the highest rated crypto tax calculator in the world! It can save you hours of time calculating the gains and losses from all of your crypto transactions and automate all of your tax reporting. Today, over 500,000 crypto investors use CoinLedger to calculate and track their crypto taxes.

Is CoinLedger free to use?

Yes! You can use CoinLedger completely for free to import all of your crypto transactions, view gains and losses, and track your portfolio. If you want to download your tax forms from CoinLedger, you can upgrade to a paid account for $49 - $299.

Can I calculate my taxes myself?

Yes. Atomic wallet allows users to export their transactions from the platform. You can use this information and information from your exchanges and other wallets to manually calculate your taxes. However, depending on how many transactions you have, this can be a tedious process. Crypto tax software like CoinLedger can automate your reporting for you. 

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