Bug Bounty Program

Security is our top priority at Atomic Wallet. The Bug Bounty Campaign encourages vulnerability researchers to submit their vulnerability reports for a reward. Our team reviews the report, confirms its validity, and issues rewards according to the level of severity. Keep reading to learn more about the Bug Bounty Program rules!

Bug Bounty Rules

  • The report should be submitted to support@atomicwallet.io with the subject “Vulnerability Report”.
  • The report should be detailed and include reproducible steps. Please also include the security impact of the bug/vulnerability.
  • The content of the report should be within our areas of interest in vulnerabilities. 
  • Multiple vulnerabilities caused by the same issue will be rewarded once.
  • Our team can take up to 1 month to review the report. 
  • The reward is paid exclusively in AWC BSC. The reward amount is determined by the team based on how critical the vulnerability is. 
  • Please refrain from hacking attacks, or any malicious activity with Atomic Wallet mobile and desktop applications, websites, users, or team members.


  • Please do not raise a public issue and don’t discuss the vulnerability in public spaces like Twitter, Reddit, Discord, etc. 
  • Do not disclose any details of the vulnerability to anyone except our team. 

Areas of interest

  • Technical vulnerabilities related to the security of Atomic Wallet mobile and desktop applications, website, or subdomains. 
  • Bugs/malfunctions in the applications.

Atomic Wallet will do its best to resolve vulnerability issues asap. Thank you for your cooperation!

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