How to have one wallet on multiple devices?

Let’s say you want to have one synchronized wallet both on your desktop and mobile. Or you have multiple computers and want to be able to manage the same wallet from all of them. The short answer is: You need to restore the existing wallet with a 12-word recovery phrase on all the other devices you want to have it on. That’s because all your private keys and public addresses are generated from one recovery phrase. Same phrase – same wallet. For the detailed guide – keep reading.

I want to sync my desktop wallet with my mobile wallet app

Warning:  If you already have two different wallets, each with some funds in it, this procedure will erase one of them. The 12-word phrase from the desktop wallet will replace the 12-word phrase in your mobile wallet and, as a consequence, all the addresses of all coins and private keys will also be replaced. We suggest first moving all of your assets from one wallet to another, before proceeding.
If you do not, however, have any funds in your mobile wallet or you don't have a mobile wallet, to begin with, you can proceed. 

  1. Make sure that you have saved your 12-word backup phrase offline in a safe place and that you have it at hand at the time of the procedure. How to view your recovery phrase in the wallet.
  2. Open Google Play Store and download the latest version of the mobile wallet.
  3. Open the wallet on your mobile and click Restore from the backup.
  4. Then proceed to type your 12-word phrase in order, making spaces between the words and with no capital letters. 
  5. Let the wallet load for a couple of seconds.
  6. Then enter your password. We recommend generating a secure and unique password. Don’t use the same password as used for the desktop version. Then click Set.
  7. That’s it – your mobile and desktop wallets are synced! Check your balances and addresses to make sure they match. 
  8. I want to sync my mobile wallet with my desktop wallet app

Note: this instruction also applies to the situation when you have a desktop version and want to have the same wallet on another computer. 

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