LUNA fork & airdrop

The Terra ecosystem has decided to launch a new chain and Atomic Wallet supports both old and new Terra networks. 

Supported assets

Luna Classic (LUNC)

The new chain will assume the name of Terra. On May 28th, when the new chain goes live, the already existing Terra network will be renamed to Terra classic. It's main token will be referred to as Luna classic (LUNC). 


The stablecoin UST will be renamed to USTC (USTClassic). This change also takes place on May 28th, with the launch of the new chain. The stablecoin will remain on the old chain. The new chain will not have any stablecoins. 


As previously mentioned, the new chain’s native mining token will be Luna. New Luna will be added to Atomic Wallet with the next release


The snapshot for the airdrop take place on May 7th and 27th. It will take into account all of the UST and LUNA that you held on your address on the old chain (the one that is renamed to Luna Classic). The funds that you are entitled to will be automatically sent to you on the new blockchain. You do not need to perform any special procedures to be eligible for the Airdrop. You need to simply have some LUNA and/or UST on your LUNC address to be eligible. After the airdrop has been done and the new LUNA is fully supported in Atomic Wallet, you will be able to see your funds. In order to find out how much you are going to receive, feel free to consult the official document


  1. When exactly do the snapshots take place? 

    Snapshots are taken the 7th and 27th of May for pre-attack and post-attack, respectively. Block height 7544910 (2022.05.07 23:00:04+08:00) for the pre-attack and Block height 7790000 (2022.05.27 03:59:51+08:00) for post-attack.
  2. How much LUNA will I receive for the airdrop?

    LUNA holders pre-attack — 1 : 1.03;
    UST holders pre-attack — 1 : 0.018;
    LUNA holders post-attack — 1 : 0.000015;
    UST holders post-attack — 1 : 0.023.
  3. I received less LUNA then I was supposed to. Why? 

    You will only receive 30% of the Airdrop at genesis and 70% vested over 2 years with 6 months cliff.
  4. Where I can see how much LUNA do I get for the airdrop?

    You can search it here pick the Mainnet at the right corner and put in your LUNA address.
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