How do I swap my BTTOLD?

You can use your Atomic Wallet for the new BTT-TRC20 token.

Tip: If you don't see the new BTT token in your wallet, update your desktop Atomic Wallet app to v2.36.0.

To swap your old BTT tokens (BTTOLD) to the new ones, you'll need to use the TronLink wallet. Once the new token is available in Atomic Wallet, just transfer your funds back to your new BTT address. 

Note: You'll need to have around 30 TRX to swap your BTT. You can get some in the Swap and Buy crypto tabs in your Atomic Wallet.

Note: For now, the swap service built by the BTT team is only available on desktop.

  1. Install the TronLink Wallet browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. The Chrome extension will also work in any Chromium-based browser, such as Brave, Vivaldi, or Microsoft Edge.
  2. Click Create.

  3. Come up with a name for your wallet—for example, "Atomic."

  4. Write down your backup phrase. You'll then be asked to type it out.

  5. Click .

  6. Type BTTOLD and click .

  7. Click Cancel to go back to your token list and click BTTOLD.

  8. Click Receive.

  9. Click Copy account.

  10. Open your Atomic Wallet app and send your old BTT tokens to the address you just copied, and then send at least 30 TRX to the same address. You'll need the TRX to pay the network fees for swapping your BTT and sending them back to your Atomic Wallet.

  11. Go to and click Connect to TRON network.

  12. Click TronLink.

  13. Click Connect.

  14. Choose the amount to swap and click Confirm Swap. The swap rate is 1 BTTOLD to 1000 BTT.

  15. Sign the transaction to confirm it.

  16. In your Atomic Wallet app, select BTT in your Wallet tab and click Receive.

  17. Copy your BTT-TRX address.

  18. In your TronLink wallet, click Send.

  19. Paste your Atomic Wallet address into the Receiving account field. Select the BTT token and and the MAX amount. Click Send.

That's it. Wait for a few minutes to see your new BTT arrive to your Atomic Wallet.

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