Does Atomic Wallet support NEO migration?

Yes. Atomic Wallet does support the NEO N3 network upgrade, and you can use your wallet for your new NEO. 

Note: You'll need to have 1 GAS on your balance to manually migrate your NEO & GAS.

GAS is a token you use to make transactions on the NEO blockchain. By migrating, you're making a transaction that transfers your coins from your old NEO Legacy address to your new NEO N3 address. Therefore, the NEO blockchain will charge you a network fee of 1 GAS for this transaction.

Where do I get GAS? You will constantly be earning GAS by holding your NEO. Go to the Staking tab and select NEO to see how much GAS you can claim. To see your claimed GAS balance, go to the Wallet tab and search for GAS. Alternatively, you can buy GAS on any exchange where it's available.

How to migrate your NEO & GAS

Note: The following guide will allow you to migrate both NEO and GAS to Neo N3 blockchain, there is no need to migrate the coins separately.

  1. Download and install the O3 wallet app for your platform from the official website.
  2. Launch your O3 wallet app and click Import existing wallet.

  3. Select Neo Legacy and click Next.

  4. Open your Atomic Wallet app and go to Settings -> Private Keys.
  5. Search for NEO and copy your private key.

  6. Go back to your O3 wallet app and paste your private key into the field. Click Create.

  7. Name your NEO wallet and choose a password for it. Click Submit.

  8. Click your wallet's name and then click Create.

  9. Select NEO N3 and click Next.

  10. Name your N3 wallet and choose a password for it. Click Submit.

  11. Go to and click Connect wallet.

  12. Select Connect O3.

  13. A window will pop up requesting access to your O3 wallet. Click Connect.

  14. Enter your passphrase and click Submit.
  15. Enter the amount of NEO you want to migrate and select your N3 wallet as the destination address. Click Next.

Once the transaction is processed, you're all done!

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