I restored my wallet, but my balance is zero


Go through your coin list
Double-check your 12-word backup phrase
Check your other devices and trash bin
Consult the dictionary
Do a clean reinstall

If you've just restored your wallet yet your balances are at zero, don't panic. Most likely, you've accidentally restored a non-existing–thus empty–account instead of yours. To get your account back, you need to be extremely precise when typing your backup phrase down. Here, we'll guide you through checking your seed phrase and restoring your wallet.

Go through your coin list

Go to the Wallet tab to check whether your balance's missing for your entire portfolio or for some particular assets only. If you can see some of your balances, try restoring your wallet again from scratch. 

Double-check your 12-word backup phrase

Your backup phrase is case and typos-sensitive. Please make sure that:

  • You have the words typed out in the correct order with spaces in between.
  • You have only used lower-case letters.
  • The words are spelled out correctly, with no errors and/or typos.
  • There are no spaces before the first word and after the last one.

Check your other devices and trash bin

Do you have multiple devices sharing one Atomic Wallet account? If so, try to re-check your backup phrase using one of these. Perhaps you accidentally made a typo back when you were writing your 12-word seed down.

In case you remember the exact day you set up your wallet for the first time, try looking through your files or trash bin. You might've taken a screenshot of your backup phrase, which will let you access your wallet. If that works, make sure to write the phrase down somewhere safe and delete the screenshot.

Consult the dictionary

Check the BIP-39 dictionary that was used to generate your 12-word backup phrase. Naturally, every single word you have written down must be present in the dictionary. In case it's not there, please try to replace the missing word with a similar one from the dictionary. After that, restore your wallet again using the new phrase.

Please note that the wallet will still 'restore' an account even if you type a non-existing backup phrase–that is, one that contains words not found in the dictionary. Since no account can correspond to a non-existing phrase, you'll see an empty wallet. The only way to fix this is to carefully inspect the phrase you're using, check it against the dictionary, and try swapping some words with similar ones it includes.

Do a clean reinstall

Finally, try to delete your Atomic Wallet app with all the related data and install it again. Note that a simple reinstallation will hardly do the trick, so please follow the steps below for your OS.

Step 1. Remove the app and all the related data

First, you'll need to delete the Atomic Wallet app from your device and clear the local cache for it.


Folder path: C:/Users/[your user name]/AppData/Local/Programs/atomic

How to find the path: go to the C:/Users/ folder. Open the subfolder named with your user name. From there, go to the AppData/Local/Programs/atomic folder and delete everything it contains. Once you're done, move on to the next step.


Folder path: /Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/atomic

How to find the path: open Finder. Press Command+Shift+Dot to see hidden files. In the top panel, choose Go > Go to folder. Put /Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/atomic into the text field replacing [your user name] with your user name, and hit Enter. A folder will open; delete everything it contains and move on to the next step.


For Ubuntu or Debian, run sudo apt-get purge atomic-wallet in your terminal and move on to the next step. A remove command will delete the app but not the data files, so it won't do here.

For Fedora, run yum remove atomic-wallet in your terminal and move on to the next step.


Open Settings. Scroll down till you see the Apps section and select Manage apps. Choose Atomic Wallet and tap on Clear data. Select Clear all data and move on to the next step.


Open your Settings app. Go to General > iPhone storage. Scroll down a bit till you see your Atomic Wallet app and tap on it. Select Delete App, confirm the action, and move on to the next step.

Step 2. Download and install the app

Download the official wallet app from our website here and install it.

Step 3. Restore your account

Try to restore your wallet again using your backup phrase.

If it still doesn't work, then something must be wrong with the phrase. Please try to take another look at your 12-word seed phrase and make sure all the words you're typing can be found in the BIP-39 dictionary.

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