Why is Atomic Wallet not open source?

For the most part, Atomic Wallet's using open source libraries. However, some parts of the code aren't publicly available. 

But why?

When it comes to money, it's only natural to trust no one but yourself, even more so if we're talking crypto. "Open source" doesn't necessarily translate to "secure," though. Here's our reasoning behind keeping our wallet a partly closed source app:

  • Atomic Wallet is a unique product created by a hard-working team. We created a service we are proud of, so we stand for the uniqueness of its design and technologies. We want to continue developing our product and stand out in the market. 
  • We don't want to make scammers' jobs easier. There's a saying that goes: "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." This could mean that an open source app wouldn't be able to get away with questionable or outright malicious code practices. However, please bear in mind that this approach is a double-edged sword. Sure, it allows crypto enthusiasts and software engineers to audit the code to make sure it's secure. At the same time, it also greatly aids scammers & hackers in learning everything about the app's inner workings. Speaking of which...
  • We don't want fake apps to boom in numbers. By making just a few minor tweaks, scammers would be able to build a fake wallet app based on our source code. Many wallets have already been targeted by scammers creating fake GitHub repositories filled with malware. Should we make our code freely available, building a genuine-looking scam app would be a matter of a few hours. 

We perfectly understand some crypto holders' preference for open source wallets. Still, we believe the points outlined above to be good enough reasons for keeping our app closed source for now. 

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