I'm experiencing issues with my KIN

If you can't send your KIN or see your balance suddenly dropping to zero, don't worry, your funds are still safe.

What's going on?

Kin has migrated to the Solana blockchain. Due to certain incompatibility, we won't be able to properly integrate the migrated KIN into the wallet app until necessary updates are made by KIN developers. For that reason, the app isn't displaying your actual balance, but your tokens are still safely sitting on your address. We don't have any ETAs on when to expect the update.

I understand, but I need my KIN right now

If you need to urgently access your tokens, you can import your private keys into MyKinWallet. We strongly recommend immediately transferring your funds to some other KIN-supporting wallet after that. 

Here's how to see your KIN:

  1. Go to the Settings tab on the left sidebar and pick Private Keys in the top panel. Enter your password and hit the Show private keys button.
  2. Type "KIN" into the search bar and copy your private key.
  3. Go to https://www.mykinwallet.org.
  4. Pick the Key pair / paper wallet import method.
  5. Paste your private key and click on Access my wallet.
  6. Scroll down a bit till you see the "Send Kin" form. Use it to transfer your KIN to any other wallet.
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