I'm experiencing issues with my KIN

If you can't send your KIN or see your balance suddenly dropping to zero, don't worry, your funds are still safe.

What's going on?

Kin has migrated to the Solana blockchain. Due to certain incompatibilities, we won't be able to properly integrate the migrated KIN into the wallet app. For that reason, an old version of KIN is eliminated in our latest releases (starting 0.32.0 desktop/0.77.0 mobile), but your tokens are still safely sitting on your address. 

I understand, but I need my KIN right now

If you need to access the tokens, that you still had on your balance, you will need to export your private key to another wallet. But when it comes to KIN, you will actually need to do two things: 

  1. Convert your XLM private key to SOL private key; 
  2. Import your SOL private key into a wallet that supports SOL-based KIN, like Solflare

Converting your XLM private key

If you try to import your XLM private key into a SOL wallet, you will get an error screen, so you need to convert it first. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Open Atomic Wallet;
  2. Go to the 'Settings', and select the 'Private Keys' tab;
  3. Enter your password, and click on the 'SHOW PRIVATE KEYS' button;
  4. Type 'XLM' in the search bar, and click to copy your Stellar private key;
  5. Go to https://trustwallet.kin-laboratory.pages.dev/keypair
  6. Paste your XLM private key from Atomic Wallet into the 'Stellar Seed' field. Then click 'Convert'; 

  7. You will get two strings of characters as a result: Public Key and Secret Key. The latter - Secret Key - is what you are looking for. Copy it and save it somewhere. 

Importing your private key to Solflare:

  1. Go to Solflare and click the 'Access Wallet' button in the top right corner;

  2. Choose the 'I need a new wallet' option; 

  3. Solflare will create a wallet for you and present you with the 12-word phrase. Save it in a safe and secure location. It is as important as your Atomic Wallet 12-word phrase. Then click 'I saved my Recovery Phrase';

  4.  Solflare will then ask you to confirm the 12-word phrase you saved. Paste it and click 'Continue'; 

  5. You will be taken to the 'Portfolio' tab. Click the account selection button at the top right corner;

  6. Select the 'Import a new wallet' option;

  7. Select the 'Import private key option';

  8. Paste the converted private key (the one that you saved from https://trustwallet.kin-laboratory.pages.dev/keypair) and set up an account name; 

  9. Select this imported account;

  10. You should now be able to manage all the assets you have on your address in Solflare!

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