The wrong address gets copied to my clipboard

If you tried to copy your crypto address yet noticed a different one ending up in your clipboard instead, it means your device is infected with malware.

What's going on?

It's a Trojan virus infamously known for hijacking the clipboard and replacing the address copied to it with one associated with the hackers. The idea behind the switcher is to have people send their funds over without double-checking the receiving address. There's no way for us to prevent the virus from modifying your clipboard, as it's operating inside your very system. Moreover, we won't be able to issue any compensation if you accidentally send your coins to the wrong address.

What you should do

If (and only if) you already have your 12-word backup phrase written down somewhere, delete the wallet app. Simply close it otherwise. After that, scan your device with a trusted antivirus program and follow all the recommendations it will give. Most should be able to locate the virus and recognize it as malware.

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