How do I export my transaction history in CSV?

For now, you can only export your entire transaction history for each coin. We're working on making tax reporting easier, so stay tuned for updates.


How to export your transaction history via the wallet 

  1. In the Wallet tab, select the coin you need your history for. 

  2. Click the icon at the top-right corner.

  3. Click Export Transactions.
  4. Voila, the CSV file with your transaction history is now in your Desktop folder.

  5. In your Desktop directory, you'll find an Atomic-Exports subfolder. All CSV exports you request will be available there.

How to export your transaction history via a block explorer

This option may not be available for every coin. Each blockchain has its own block explorer. Some of them have the CSV export feature, some do not. If the coin that you need a CSV file for does not have this feature, you'll have to stick with CSV export from the wallet. 

Note: every block explorer has a different layout and the required button is located in a different part of the screen. With that being said, the overall steps to find it are similar for every block explorer.  

  1. Go to the block explorer (check this section to find a suitable one). We will use as an example;
  2. Paste your address in the search bar; 

  3. You'll be presented with your address information with transactions in the lower part of the screen; 

  4. Scroll down the transaction list and you'll see the "Export CSV" button. Click it; 

  5. Select the date range and click 'Download';

  6. You now have the file in your download folder. 

Suitable block explorer list

Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list. These are the block explorers that have the required feature for most popular coins.

Asset  Block explorer  Location of the CSV button
The 'Export' button is
above the
transactions list 
Identical to Etherscan
DOT  Subscan
The "Download all data"
button is located under the 
transaction list in the
"View all" transaction window
The "CSV download" button
is under the transaction list
SOL Solscan
The "Export to CSV" button 
is above the transaction list
in the "SOL transfers" tab
AVAX Snowtrace
Identical to Etherscan 
MATIC Polygonscan
Identical to Etherscan 
XLM  Stellar Expert
The "Export data" button is 
under the transaction list 
XTZ TZstats
The "Download" button is 
above the transactions list 
in the "Transfers" tab
ZIL Viewblock
The "Download CSV" button 
is above the balance tab, 
next to the
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