I have transferred some Ethereum token to Atomic Wallet, but I can’t withdraw them. What shall I do?

First of all, you need to have a small amount of Ethereum (ETH) to send or withdraw funds from Atomic Wallet.  It will be automatically converted into gas and used to make a transaction.  You can check reccommended gas amount here - https://ethgasstation.info/

Gas is required for most of the ERC20 tokens to make transactions. That's why you need to have at least a small amount of ETH in your Atomic Wallet.

If you have ETH on your Atomic Wallet address, but this problem is still not fixed, then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Atomic Wallet. Download it and install it from our website.

While our app is in beta - we often make weekly updates and in some special cases - daily updates. You can see the version of your wallet on the first screen.

  1. Make a screenshot of your problem. It can contains zero balance, error messages, etc.

  2. Copy your wallet’s address. For example, ETH address in Atomic Wallet.

  3. Copy a link on the transaction - you can find it by address on the etherscan website.

  4. Also, we would like to know what operating system do you use and the version of it.

  5. Attach an errors.log file which you may find by this path if you're using WINDOWS:


    If you are using MAC:

  6. Make a ticket on our support page and send all aforestated information to us.

You will receive a reply from our support within 24 hours.