How do I claim TRX?

TRC 20 tokens, such as BTT or TRX-USDT require you to have a small amount of TRX to pay the network fees (at least 10 TRX). Just like the fee for ETH-powered tokens is paid in ETH and not in the token itself. 

Our clients can get TRX to cover the network fee from us for free!

If you don’t have TRX on your balance and you want to exchange a TRC 20 token, you will see the following error:

You should have a least 10 TRX to exchange BTT.

What you need to do:

  1. Find the button Claim TRX, which is placed in the exchange window right under the exchanging pair. The button will automatically appear if you don’t have TRX on your balance and you have minimal TRC 20 tokens amount to exchange on your balance.
  2. Click on it. The automatic window with the message to our Support will open. Your TRX address will be automatically filled. You just need to send this email.
  3. As soon as we receive your email we will send you 10 TRX. We reply usually in an hour. 

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