How do I send or exchange ERC-20 ETH tokens?

Atomic Wallet supports all Ethereum-based (ERC-20) tokens. Some are listed in the wallet by default, and some you'd have to add manually. For a step-by-step guide on how to do that, see How do I add a custom ERC-20 token?.

Since ERC-20 tokens are powered by the Ethereum blockchain, you'll need to pay a network fee in ETH to send or exchange your tokens.

Note: You'll need to have some ETH on your balance to send or exchange ERC-20 tokens. We recommend having at least 0.01 ETH.

Network fees

You'll have to pay a network fee in ETH every time you want to send or exchange your ERC-20 tokens. These fees are also referred to as GAS, or GWEI. 

On the Ethereum blockchain, network fees are calculated in GAS. GAS measures the computing power needed to process the transaction. For miners, it's a measure of the transaction's value. 

When you're making a transaction, the ETH charged as a network fee get converted to GAS automatically. The amount you're sending has no impact on the network fee size—it's all about the network's current congestion. 

On the following screenshot, you see an ERC20 ETH token and the network fee written in ETH.

To top up your ETH balance, just trade any coin to ETH in the Exchange tab. Alternatively, just send some ETH to your Atomic Wallet address from any other platform.

How to send a ERC-20 token

When sending someone a ERC-20 token, you should account for two points:

  • The network fees will be calculated in ETH.
  • If you're sending your token to a smart contract, it may require a higher GAS limit.

Here's how to send your token:

  1. Choose your token in the Wallet tab.
  2. Enter the amount you want to send. 
  3. Paste the receiving address.

  4. Enter the password you're using to log in to your wallet.
  5. Select Send.

How to exchange a ERC-20 token

While you can keep any ERC-20 token in Atomic Wallet, not all ERC-20 tokens are supported for exchange. To see whether your token can be exchanged in Atomic Wallet, just try looking it up in the Exchange tab. Please note that you may first need to add your token to the wallet if it's not listed by default. For more details, see How do I add a custom ERC-20 token?.

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