I am getting Insufficient funds error

There is a couple of possible cases when you can get Insufficient funds error message. Here is an overview:

The amount you're trying to send exceeds your balance

  • You may get Insufficient funds error when you are trying to send the amount bigger than your available balance. For example, you have 0.0026649 BTC on your address, but trying to send out 0.5 BTC.

You're not accounting for the network fee when entering the amount

  • Or you are trying to enter an amount without considering the network fee. The network fee is a fee paid to miners to include your transaction in the block on the blockchain.  

If you want to send all of your available balance considering network fee – press Send all under the Amount section.

[XRP/XLM] You're not accounting for the minimum balance requirement

XRP and XLM blockchains have a rule of the unspendable deposit paid to activate the new addresses. 10 XRP and 1 XLM are unspendable balances, that are used for address activation and are not further available for withdrawing. You may get the error Insufficient funds if you are trying to enter the amount with 10 XRP and 1 XLM included.

Press send Send All if you want to send all your available balance for XRP/XLM. Then 10 XRP and 1 XLM will be taken out automatically.

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