I am getting Can’t connect to ChangeNow error

When making an exchange, you can get Can’t connect to ChangeNow error.

Don’t worry, most likely there is a connection issue to ChangeNow servers. It is also possible that the pair you are trying to exchange is not available at our partner ChangeNow at the moment. Here is what you can do.

  1.  Before proceeding to any actions, make sure that you have our latest version or download it from our website.

  2. Reload the wallet. Close the wallet completely and then open it again. Here is the instruction.

  3. Start using a VPN - or stop using one.
    Install VPN on your device and change the country. Germany, the USA, Switzerland may be the best choice.
    If you are already using a VPN, try to turn it off. Learn more about VPN here.

  4. Check your internet connection.

If none of the above worked, reach out to our support team via the official support form.

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