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Exporting your XMR keys
Reconnecting to the blockchain

Our XMR nodes are still unstable, which may be causing balance display bugs. Your XMR is always safe on the blockchain, and the bugs cannot have any impact on your actual balance. If you need to urgently trade or send out your XMR, you can export your private keys into Monero's official wallet and manage your funds there for the time being. Keep reading this guide for step-by-step instructions.

Exporting your XMR keys

  1. Go to https://www.getmonero.org and click on Downloads.
  2. Download the GetMonero wallet app for your OS.
  3. Choose the Restore from keys or mnemonic seed option.
  4. Specify the wallet's name and its location on your computer. Then, tick the Restore from keys option. 
  5. In Atomic Wallet, choose Settings on the left sidebar and switch to the Private keys tab in the top panel. Enter your password and hit the Show private keys button.
  6. Search for XMR and copy your Address, View Private Key, and Spend Key. Paste these to the corresponding fields in the GetMonero app.
  7. Next, you'll need to specify the block height. Basically, you'll be pinpointing the scanner to the exact blocks where your transactions are located, which will greatly speed the process up. If you're fine with waiting, you can just set the block height to 1. Your balance will still be restored, but it may take longer for the scanner to collect your transactions.

    To find the block height, go to the Wallet tab on the left sidebar and pick Monero from the coin list. Browse through your transaction history and find the incoming transaction that forms up your current balance. If there're many, just go with the earliest one. Click on the transaction's hash once you find it.
  8. You'll be redirected to the block explorer. Here, find the block height and paste it to the Restore height field in the GetMonero app. Click on Next, enter your password, and hit the Open wallet button.
  9. Now, you'll just need to wait for the blocks to get scanned. The exact waiting time can vary. It mostly depends on the number of transactions in your history and whether you've previously specified the block height.

Reconnecting to the blockchain

If you don't need to transfer your XMR, you can just update your balance and keep your coins in your wallet. While Monero cannot be exchanged in the app for now, your funds are still perfectly safe, as Atomic Wallet is just an interface between you and the blockchain.

  1. Go to the Wallet tab on the left sidebar and pick XMR from the coin list.
  2. Click on the icon at the top-right corner and pick Resync blockchain.

Need some help? Contact us at support@atomicwallet.io. We provide quick and friendly support 24/7.

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