How to stake ONG (ONT)?

What are ONT and ONG?

ONT is a cryptocurrency on Ontology blockchain. It is first started its way as a NEO token, with a following mainnet release in June 2018. 

NEO and ONT are similar in many ways. ONT is also undividable, meaning it can only be transferred in whole numbers like 1 ONT, 2 ONT and etc. As NEO has GAS, ONT has ONG. ONG – is a utility token used to pay for the transaction fees for ONT. The network fee for any blockchain operations is 0.01 ONG.

How to receive ONG?

In Atomic Wallet, you can earn passive income just by holding ONT on your balance. The rewards are distributed with every new block generated. Yearly yield is 5.6%. You need to manually claim your ONG rewards. Follow our instructions to learn how.

  1. First, let’s find a staking interface. Click on Staking on the left sidebar.

  2. Then click on Ontology.

  3. Here you can find information about staking and the amount of ONT you store. If you don’t hold any ONT, you can buy it within the wallet. Click Buy ONT. Or exchange from another coin, or deposit to the wallet from some other service.

  4. The ONG reward is distributed equally between all the holders. ONG is deposited automatically to your Unbound Section (see the screenshot).

  5. To be able to claim your ONG, first, you need to perform a transaction with ONT. With every performed transaction, your ONG will be transferred from Unbound to Unclaimed. Just send ONT to yourself. Cope and paste your address and click Send.

  6. After the transaction, your funds will be transferred from Unbound to Unclaimed. See the screenshot.

  7. Then just click Claim ONG to deposit ONG to your address.

    Please note, that you need to have at least 0.03 ONG to claim the reward. Otherwise, you will see the following error:

    Also note, that claiming is a blockchain transaction that requires a network fee of 0.01 ONG.

How to find ONT staking for our mobile users:

  1. Open the wallet and click Staking.
  2. Choose ONT (ONG) staking from the coin list. 
  3. You will then see an interface for staking ONT. Claim your ONG here. 

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