How to register a FIO address?

FIO or The Foundation for Interwallet Operability allows users to have their own unique memorable name, attached to a wallet domain. That name will be anonymously linked to the FIO private key. It effectively means that you don’t have to use long and complicated addresses to receive coins, you can set a universal name for your wallet. 

How to reserve a FIO name? 

  1. Go to FIO website
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Sign up to the website. Fill in the name and password. Click Create Account. 
  4. You are now signed in. 
  5. Open your Atomic Wallet and search for FIO in the coin list.
  6. Click on the coin. Then click Reserve FIO.
  7. You will be forwarded to the website. Click Reserve Free FIO address.
  8. Click Confirm.
  9. Now your wallet is linked and you can see your FIO public key.
  10. Then choose a FIO address. And click Reserve FIO address.
  11. Enter the desired address and click Reserve.
  12. Confirm by clicking Reserve.
  13. Success! You have a reserved FIO address for Atomic.

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