How to set a custom network fee? (mobile)

You can manually adjust the network fee for BTC, LTC and ETH. The default commission is set in such a way to ensure fast and safe blockchain confirmation. If you lower the fee, it might take more time for the transaction to be confirmed. Setting the commission higher is recommended when the network is overloaded. 

  1. Open the wallet.
  2. Click on BTC from the coin list.

  3. Then click Send.

  4. You will see the interface for sending. Enter the recipient address and amount to send.

  5. Click Set Fee.
  6. Move the scale from low to high commission. And click Send.

    Note: low commission can result in long confirmation up to several days if the network is overloaded.

  7. Confirm your password.

  8. Success! Click on the transaction to track it on the block explorer.

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