How to restore from a 12-word backup (mobile)?

You may need to restore your wallet in several situations. For instance, you want to pair your desktop wallet with a mobile one. Or you have a new device you want to restore the wallet on. In any case, here is the guide on how to restore your mobile wallet with your 12-word backup phrase.

Check how to find your backup phrase here.

  1. Open the app. Always make sure you have our latest version. Download here
  2. If you are already using a wallet on your device, you will have this screen with Restore in the right corner.
    Important: if you restore a wallet on top of the existing, it will erase the existing wallet. Don’t do it before making sure you have all the mnemonics saved. 

    If you are opening the wallet for the first time, you will see this screen:

  3. Click on Restore/Restore from backup
  4. Paste your phrase. Or you can use the QR-scanner to paste it. Here is the guide. You can also type it manually. Watch out for any spelling mistakes, words order, upper/lower cases. 
  5. Click Restore
  6. Set the new password and confirm it.
  7. Wait for the wallet to load. Enjoy! Your wallet is restored and all set up for use.

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