How to make an exchange (mobile)?

We are glad to offer you instant exchanges with our exchange partners ChangeNow and Changelly. Easy, fast and reliable. You can exchange your cryptocurrencies just in a few clicks. And here is how:

  1. Open the app. Always check on Google Play if you use the latest version.
  2. Click on the Exchange tap in the bottom panel.
  3. You will then see an interface for sending. Choose the currency to exchange from and to. We will make an example with BTC to ETH pair.
    Note: if you see a message Pair is Inactive, it means that this pair is not available with our exchange partner. Learn more here
  4. Enter the amount to exchange manually – click on the You Send, enter the amount and click Apply. Or use Send All button.
  5. After entering the amount you will see the estimated amount you will receive. This amount can only slightly vary due to the market fluctuations and includes all the fees. You can also check the rate you are exchanging by.
  6. Check all the info and click Exchange. You will have 3 seconds to cancel the order (click Undo).
  7. Success! Your funds are sent to exchange. Allow 5-20 min for the exchange to finish.
  8. You can track your exchange in the History section. BTC sent to exchange will be indicated as an outcoming transaction. And the deposit of exchanged ETH will be an incoming transaction. Learn more about the process of exchange here. 

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