How to receive an asset (mobile)?

This guide describes how to receive an asset in Atomic Wallet. The procedure is simple. The sender needs to use your public address in Atomic Wallet. Or, if you are sending from an external service to your Atomic Wallet – just copy the address and paste in the corresponding field from where you send. Learn more about public address and private keys here. 

  1. Open the wallet. 
  2. Choose the asset you would like to receive. We are making an example with BTC, but it’s true for any other asset. You can search the coin in the Search field.
  3. Click on BTC
  4. You will see the coin info interface. Click on Receive.
  5. You will see your BTC public address. Click on it to copy the address.
  6. You can also scan the QR-code, or let the sender scan it. 
  7. Click Share to share the address on social media, via mail, Bluetooth and etc.
  8. After the funds were sent to your address, the incoming transaction will appear in the coin info and in the History section.

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