This is an overview of the section Settings in the wallet.

Navigate through the left sidebar and click Settings.
You will then see three sections: 

  • Airdrop
  • Security
  • Private keys


Airdrop is the place where you can register for our airdrop campaign. Enter your email and a promo code if somebody has provided it to you. Click Sign-up.

Important: If you see an error Invalid email - try to register another domain. We recommend gmail.


Security  is where you can change your password. Choose a unique and secure one. We recommend using a password manager like KeePass. The app can generate and remember the password so you don’t have to memorize it by yourself. Don’t use any password you've previously used.

Private Keys

Private Keys - is where the most important private data is stored. Enter your wallet password and click Show Private Keys.

Important: Don’t open your private keys and phrase at the public places (cafes, transport, etc.). It’s better to view it at home to be sure nobody can sneakily catch it from behind. Remember - your mnemonic phrase and keys are the only way to access your wallet. You should really have an eye on the security of those.  After entering your password you will be able to see the 12-word phrase and private keys of all the coins in the wallet.  Public Key - is the same as the Address is written in your Wallet section near every coin - it is not private, you can share it with others. Whereas Private Keys - are full access to your funds. Use this information for import to another wallet. 
Important: The safety of mnemonic seed phrase is everything! Make sure you keep the phrase offline on paper in two different places. 

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